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  • Scott Espinosa

    Scott Espinosa

    Software Engineer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Flatiron School graduate with 8+ years background in healthcare.

  • Kevin Neyer

    Kevin Neyer

  • iona-brabender


    Full-Stack Software Engineer | Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux

  • Gabriel Castro

    Gabriel Castro

    Full Stack, Software Engineer. Focus in Rails, JavaScript and React.

  • Brandon Backer

    Brandon Backer

    Explorer of software engineering and brewer of beer.

  • Taci Shlosberg

    Taci Shlosberg

  • Curtis Hawkins

    Curtis Hawkins

    Currently a Customer Engineer at Microsoft, I’m focusing on Application Security primarily alongside more generalist security and software aspects.

  • Jonelle Noelani Yacapin

    Jonelle Noelani Yacapin

    Certified Sommelier and Flatiron School Software Engineering Grad

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