This tutorial will go over how to display linked lists from AlgoExpert in VS Code

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During my job search, I’ve been studying data structures and algorithms, as they are not covered in bootcamps. There are many resources to learn DS&A, from courses to books, to videos. I decided to purchased…

This article walks through deploying your React application to Netlify. If you would like to host your app on Github Pages read my post here.

Recently I created a React app as a part of my application process for an internship. When it came to hosting, I deployed it to…

A reflection of my first hackathon and what I would do differently.

Yesterday concluded my first hackathon. From beginning to end, The Valtech Social Impact Hackathon was 52 1/2 hours, a little over 2 days! You may be thinking, “Two days to do a hackathon, ok, but what is it…

This article will show you how to embed Medium blog posts in your React application, using State and Effect Hooks.

Since graduation from Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Bootcamp, I’ve been working on putting together my personal website. In addition to showcasing my projects, I wanted to have my Medium posts…

Danira Cortez

Software Engineer | React, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails | Seeking job opportunities

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